Friday, 30 June 2017


What is the right position to sleep for each of these health problems plays a big part in our overall health problems are indeed caused by the lack of sleep and risk the average person sleeps seven to nine hours overnight which accounts for more than 25 years spent sleeping and clearly show how important its however according to new studies its not just the sleeping that important a position effect our health in many ways they have an impact on our blood pressure and may resolve problems such as sinus infection and back pain here are nine sleeping position that can relieve various problems and pains.

1)Neck pain: 

To relieve neck pain and get some sleep overnight all you need to do is to put a rolled of towel under the neck.

2)Back pain: 

According to web back pain can be relleved by putting a rolled towel under the curve of your back and a pillow under your knee.

3)Shoulder pain:

Women's health magazine suggest avoiding sleeping on the painful side and sleeping with bent legs as well to make your self more comfortable you can grasp a pillow to your chest and put another between the knees.

4)PMS Pain: 

If you are suffering from PMS related pain and symptom you should sleep on your back with a pillow under knees this will prevent spinal pain and help you get some relief.


Sleeping position can relieve our worsening headache expert believe that headache security to twisted neck during sleeping so in order to prevent them you should sleep by surrounding your head with pillows.

6)High blood pressure: 

According to a study published on web sleeping on the stomach with face down can reduce your blood pressure significantly we however suggest speaking with a doctor first to inform yourself on the general state of your blood pressure.

7)Sinus problems:

In cases of sinus infection you should sleep with a slightly elevated head in order to prevent the more mucus from leaking in to sinuses and casing further problems.

8)Digestive problems:

To boost your digestive and resolve any kind of digestive problem you should sleep on the left side this makes gravity improve the digestive process and will allows you to sleep better.

9)Heart burn: 

You should sleep on the left side as you can see some sleeping position can indeed improve overall health try one of them for the health problems listed above and tell us if they work we'd love to hear from you.

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